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Stock Investing Strategies

For our stock investing education series, I came up with four strategies to cover. But I need your help. What investing strategies other than these do you want to learn?

Here are the investing strategies I have so far:

  1. Asset allocation
  2. Dividend investing
  3. Growth investing with individual stocks
  4. Momentum investing with exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  5. ????????  <--- What investing strategy do you want to learn about?​

Leave me a comment below telling me what else you want to learn.


Tommy Sikes​

  • maryhruth says:

    Don’t know what to add to your list, but I am really excited to learn about these topics. Thanks so much – looking forward!

  • Michael Fisher says:

    I’d welcome your thoughts on Robinhood?

    • Tommy Sikes says:

      I like anything that makes it easier to invest. With individual stocks, you just need to have at least 10-20. Less than that and each stock has too much risk. More than that you get no additional benefit of diversification.

      If you use Robinhood, I’d love your impressions on it…

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