Third quarter performance update

Watch the video below to see how my model portfolios have done through September 30, 2015.

Remember to give me your feedback on the three items I mention in the video. It's near the end, so watch all the way through. It's not too long.


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Watch the video below​

It's been an interesting year in the markets. Lots of volatility and uncertainty about where interest rates are going and the global growth slowdown.

I think it's a good time to have both hands on the wheel and be able to control your investing risk. I would not feel comfortable being a buy and hold investor over the next few years. I think the best opportunities may be in avoiding down markets as opposed to catching a surge.

 But we'll see...

Tommy Sikes​

  • Tommy Sikes says:

    Leave your feedback here on the new business ideas mentioned in the video: 1) Fixed monthly fees 2) Stock investing course (pilot program) and 3) monthly financial planning webinars. Thanks!

  • maryhruth says:

    Of course, I need actual cost to me before saying that a fixed monthly fee would be good!

    Would LOVE to participate in the pilot stock investing course (if not very expensive!) and also the financial planning webinars.

    Thanks so much for your ongoing creative energy, Tommy.

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