First Quarter Update

By Tommy Sikes | Performance update

Apr 08
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"The only thing permanent is change."
- Heraclitus

I'm really excited about the changes I've made to my business and the opportunities that are now available to my clients.


Watch the video below to learn some details. I'll also show you how my portfolios did for the first quarter of the year.​

What did you think of the video? Are you looking at adding private or personal investments? Do you want to learn more about this?

Let me know in the comments below....

Tommy Sikes​

  • maryhruth says:

    Thanks so much – so glad to have the update, Tommy. Balance vs. Value is indeed a key distinction, as we (I) tend to flinch at every loss, gloat with every gain as if I had made it happen — which is absolutely not the case!

    • Tommy Sikes says:

      Thanks for the comment Mary!

      It’s human nature. We’re not (mentally) built for investing. Our fight/flight reflex often causes us to do the exact WRONG thing at the exact WRONG time!

      That’s why I stick to rules-based ‘systematic’ portfolios. Help me stay out of my own way!

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