Just In Time: Don't overwhelm yourself.

There is a ton to learn about personal finance. Investing, insurance, estate planning, budgeting.

It can be overwhelming.

But getting overwhelmed can prevent you from taking action. How do you learn, but still take action? Watch this video to find out.

What is 'just in time' learning?

The key to overwhelm is what's called 'just in time' learning.

Don't try to learn everything about a topic. Only learn what you need to take the next step.

Then learn what you need for one more step.

It's fine to have a broad overview of a subject. Just don't get lost in the weeds of something that doesn't apply yet.

And also don't use "I'm still learning" as an excuse to NOT taking action.

Remember, imperfect action beats perfection every time.

Make education a habit, but not an excuse!

Tommy Sikes​

  • maryhruth says:

    But isn’t it true that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing?

    • Tommy Sikes says:

      Yes. But in this case it’s a good thing if it carries you towards taking action.

      Your comment reminds me of a famous Will Rogers quote: “It’s not what you know, it’s what you know that ain’t so.”

      A little knowledge is dangerous if it’s the wrong knowledge…

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