Weal​​​​​th the Modern Way

Are you working to grow your assets and income so you can experience the world and share it with your family and friends?
Us too.

Wh​at We're About

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    Getting our finances fixed so we can focus on family and fun
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    Taking control of our incomes, often through a small business or side hustle
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    Using technology and the internet to make life easier
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    Adding recurring revenues so we work hard once and benefit over and over
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    Diversifying so we're not dependent on a job or the stock market alone
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    Giving back to causes we care about to make our world a little better
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    Traveling and experiencing the world and sharing it with others

If that sounds like you, join along...

About Me

Hi! I'm Tommy Sikes

I'm a fiduciary financial advisor, entrepreneur, husband and father. I'm on a journey to help others build their assets and wealth so they can live a fun and fulfilling life.  

I'll share income ideas, investing strategies, frameworks and practical knowledge that I discover and learn.

Are you in?

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

- Henry David Thoreau