Get more control over your investments. And less anxiety.

Anxiety with investing comes from the feeling that you have no control.

And you don’t have control, at least not over public investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. So move towards the control side.

What does that mean? Watch this video to learn:

The control continuum

Think about all the investments available on a continuum line.

On one side is public investments. That's stuff like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

These are on the 'no control' side.

Even if you own a stock, you can't go to that company and suggest changes to their products. Or give them a new idea for marketing. You can't control what they do.

Worse yet, you have no control over the other investors. That's where the crazy moves in a stock come from. Thousands (or millions)​ of people that you don't know buying and selling for reasons you'll never understand. And panicking at the wrong time.

When markets go up for a long time (like now) we tend to forget this.

But when markets start getting rocky, people want to know how to get more control over their stocks.

They start looking into new strategies and secret formulas. And gurus that know what's going to happen. (They don't)

That's the wrong approach.

The way to get more control is to put money in things where you have built in control.

Where is that? Start your own business. Buy a fixer-upper to rent out. Put your spare room on Airbnb. Build a membership site.

Then you can get up everyday and take action. Action that can actually have an impact.

Investing anxiety comes from lack of control. And you don’t have control, at least not over public investments. So get more control. How? Watch this video.

(The control continuum. Move towards the left for more control.)

In the middle of the continuum are things like ​private company investing or private income real estate.

Sure, you may not build the software or renovate the apartments, but you're not at the mercy of millions of panicked people.


So, if you're looking for more control of your investments, move away from public investing. And do something that you have real control over.

Do you have a personal investment already? Business or real estate? Leave it in the comments below...


Tommy Sikes​