Defining True Wealth

By Tommy Sikes | True Wealth

Mar 18
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Do you remember that Meatloaf song "Two Outta Three Ain't Bad"?

(Yes, I know it's a strange way to start a discussion of wealth)

The gist of the song was that the two people were almost right for each other, but they were missing a critical piece. Hence the "Two Outta Three".​


That song reminds me of how a lot of people are trying to build wealth.

​The three critical pieces to successful living are: Health, Wealth and Happiness.

But are you missing out on one of them?

True Wealth Defined​

To me being Truly Wealthy means not only having money and health, but most importantly the TIME to enjoy it. That's where the happiness comes from.

​As far as money goes, I would define it as $3million or more in liquid assets. Or if you want to think in terms of cash flow, it would be at least $10,000 per month in income.

I know for some that seems like way too much and for others not nearly enough. But that should be enough to live in a decent house, do a bit of traveling and not be too worried about making ends meet.

But in pursuing that money goal, you have to be careful not to miss the real target.​

Where It Can Go Wrong

​There are a few places you can go wrong:

  1. Lacking wealth - Working 40-50 years at a "job" may leave you with some nominal wealth, but you have to factor in inflation. $1,000,000 ain't what it used to be! Not to mention you're now 40-50 years older...
  2. Lacking time - You may be building incredible wealth, but if you're working 80 hours a week, you may not have the time to enjoy it. And if you do have time, you may want/need to rest, not adventure!
  3. Lacking health - If you're 70 you can't do what you did at 40. If you work 80 hours a week, you're probably not working out like you should. If you're in bad health, you'd trade just about any wealth to get it back!
  4. Lacking happiness - Missing any one of these pieces can keep you from real, deep happiness. Wealth and health without time? Wealth and time without health? Health and time without wealth?

So don't forget what the true target is: True Wealth

Health, Wealth and Happiness makes life good.

Don't settle for "Two Outta Three"!​

Are you missing out in one (or more) of the True Wealth pieces?

Let me know in the comments below!​