Tommy Sikes is the owner and adviser at Sikes Capital, a private wealth management company and investment firm. Tommy is pictured in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. Sikes Capital offers several key benefits: Private Equity Investing - Using your money to fund emerging technology startups and private companies; Tax Efficient Strategies and Accounts - minimizing your tax liability via tax qualified dividends, long-term capital gains or tax deferral; and Ongoing Education - keeping you informed about how to build, grow and protect your wealth through monthly education webinars. (Photos ©2016 Kevin Seifert Photography | kevin@kevinseifertphotography.com | 919-208-9458)

Hey, I'm Tommy!

When new people ask what I do, I tell them: "I'm a modern financial advisor."
But what I really want to say is...

I work with people who crave financial independence and desperately want to have control over their future.

Modern investors and entrepreneurs who are totally over Wall St. and old fashioned financial advisors.

I show them how to deal with money in a complex world, while getting more clarity and confidence in their results.

I give them the tools to turn a patchwork of accounts and products into a well-oiled and organized money-making machine.

If you resolve to get your money and finances in order, once and for all, you should get in touch.

I'm also a...

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    Fee-only fiduciary advisor and willing to put it in writing
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    Small business advocate who has owned my own firm for over 10 years
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    Independent professional with no affiliation to a bank, brokerage or insurance company
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    Perennial student of money, always learning about new opportunities and sharing with my tribe of passionate wealth builders

If you really want to learn more about money, investing and building your income, join us...

Ok, that's enough business stuff.

How about something personal...

When I'm not helping investors and entrepreneurs get their money and finances in order, I can be found:

  • Scoring goals for my over-40 soccer team, or hiking in the NC mountains with my wife
  • Tasting craft beer at a local brewery while playing corn-hole and giant Jenga
  • Cheering on Chelsea FC (go blues!) as my teenage boys cheer Liverpool FC and Man City
  • Watching my daughter swim in a Junior Olympics competition
  • Playing acoustic guitar while trying to sing "Sultans of swing" by Dire Straits

If you're ever in the Chapel Hill, NC, area and want to kick the soccer ball, grab a draft beer or play some guitar, let me know!

If you're dying to know more, here are 5 things you didn't know about me:

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    I was a varsity cheerleader at UNC for one year. And got to go to the Final Four! Go Heels...
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    On a traveling soccer team in high school, got to play in Brazil, France, Australia and England.
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    Tried out for the Raleigh Capital Express professional soccer team. Pre-cursor of NCFC.
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    Danced onstage with my wife at a Big & Rich concert. For our anniversary!
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    Twice ran in the Tuna 200, a 200 mile running relay from Raleigh to Atlantic Beach NC.