3 Ways to Make an Extra $12,000 in 12 Months

3 Ways to Make an Extra $12,000 in 12 Months

Money can’t solve all of life’s problems. But it can solve the money problems.

Cash flow is king. Having people pay you money for things you already know or enjoy and are passionate about is awesome.

Imagine an extra $1,000 per month. Without getting another job.

What would you do with it? Save it, invest in your IRA, travel, give it to charity?

Here are three ways you can make an extra $12,000 starting in a year.

#1) A Niche Blog or Website

They say the riches are in the niches. Specialists are typically the highest paid in any profession. Use this same principal to earn extra money.

What is it?

A niche blog is a website devoted to a very specific topic or group of people.​ All the articles, reviews, case studies and resources are focused on that very specific group or topic.

By narrowing in and presenting focused, high quality information, the website can attract what's called "long tail keyword" searches in Google.

Instead of a broad search like "flower pots", a niche site might go after an ultra specific search term like "the best flower pot for a mature Lady's slipper orchid".

This kind of search signals the person is in the purchase stage. They're just reviewing final choices.

That's what you want in a niche site.

How do you make money?

  1. Affiliate sales - You resell existing products and services. You receive a commission from each sale that happens through your specific website link. The beauty is you don't have to come up with ideas or create new products. You just act as the salesperson. Can be done directly with a provider, or through Amazon Associates.
  2. Advertising - Since you're focusing on a specific group of people or a very narrow topic, Google can help out. Through Google Adsense, you can let Google place ads on your site from companies that are looking for your readers.


They both have been blogging for several years. It takes time to get the ball rolling of course.

You won't make that kind of money quickly, but you can start adding easy income sources today.

What you should do now

Think of very specific topics, groups, perspectives or products that you love and use. See if there are affiliate opportunities​.

If so, set up a blog and start talking about it and sharing your passion.


Use your empty space to create income.

What is it?

AirBnb is a website where you can offer your extra bedroom, full house or AirStream camper to guests.

There may be some up front hospitality work, but it's a great way to use an asset you already own to generate extra cash.

How do you make money?

You get paid for each night spent in your rented space. Like a hotel does.


  • Danny Papineau earns six figures from Airbnb. He has information on his website

I also have a couple of personal friends who make over $12,000 each year from using Airbnb. It can work.

What you should do now

Do you have empty rooms in your house? An office above the garage? A long term rental already?

Do some research on to see how you can take advantage of short term overnight rates. 

#3) Teaching Online Courses

Teach what you already know. Generate passive income.

What is it?

Online education is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

And with the teaching platforms available to you, it's never been easier to share you knowledge and get paid for it.

Just like niche websites, the more specific a topic or the more certain an outcome or result, the better.

Don't teach "Small business accounting". Teach "Accounting for home based women's health coaches". 

That may be a smaller group, but they'd be more willing to pay for their specific situation.

How do you make money?

Students enroll in your course for money. The teaching platform keeps some (or a fixed monthly fee) and the rest goes to you.

3 teaching platforms you can use


The two biggest problems I read about online teaching is that course creators try to teach too much info. And that they usually underprice their knowledge.

What you should do now

What very specific knowledge can you teach? What narrow result can you walk a student through via an online course?

Check out the teaching platforms above for inspiration and education on building your first online course. Get started and remember that imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.


Extra cash flow can make everything easier. There are so many opportunities to generate extra money. And you don't have to get another 'job'.

Three ways to build an extra $12,000 starting in 12 months are:

  1. Niche blog / website
  3. Online teaching and courses

I hope that got you excited for what's possible over the next 12 months.

Just get started somewhere and who knows where you'll end up.​

Leave me your question or comment below!

Talk to you soon...

Tommy Sikes​