2017 Content & Education Survey Results

I asked what you wanted to learn more about in 2017 regarding wealth building, investing and financial planning.

You answered. Here are the results.​

What you want to learn about

I gave you a list of possibilities. You could choose one or many of them. Here are the top three responses in order.

  1. Investing strategies
  2. Getting my estate plan done
  3. (Tie) Taxes / Starting & growing a business / Financial planning​

What Else?

I asked what else you  wanted to learn about. You could type in whatever you wanted.

Here are some of those answers:

  1. Social security strategies
  2. ETFs vs. mutual funds
  3. Case studies / examples
  4. Fortune telling (LOL)

Next I'll go into each topic a little more.

Investing Strategies

I was not surprised that this was number one. This is always a topic of interest when I talk to people.

We'll get into depth on this one, starting with a high-level overview. Then we'll discuss some individual investing strategies and how to put them into practice.​

Getting My Estate Plan Done

I was glad to hear that estate planning made the top three.

But the fact it made it is probably good and bad.

Good in that this is a topic a lot of people don't make a priority, but should. Definitely a critical part of wealth building and management.

Bad in that it tells me people don't have their estate plan done. Or they're not sure if it's complete. It's shocking the number of people who don't have even a simple estate plan in place.

Let's fix that.​


I thought taxes would make the cut. There's no subject that causes more confusion and angst in the financial world.

We'll get into how things are taxed differently. And also how to (legally) reduce your taxes where possible.​

Starting & growing a business

Starting, owning and operating a private business is the number one way to build wealth. So I was glad there was interest here.

We'll definitely talk about why and how to start a small business. And what it can mean to your wealth building and lifestyle.

Always a favorite topic of mine. Yes!​

Financial planning​

Financial planning deals with the bigger picture. And how the various components of a plan work together.

For me there are six big ares of financial planning: income, expenses, investing, taxes, insurance and estate planning.

Obviously we'll cover each are in depth, but we'll also dedicate some education towards putting a comprehensive plan together. So you have a well-oiled financial machine.​

Social security strategies

Social security is an important income source in retirement for most people. But many don't know how social security is calculated and how to maximize your benefit.

Our social security education will cover both of these and more.​

ETFs vs. mutual funds

Exchange traded funds and mutual funds are the most used products in 401k and IRA accounts. But how are they different? And which ones should you choose?

We'll discuss that plus how to find the expenses and how they are taxed differently.​

Case studies / examples

Someone requested I do some case studies and show examples of things we discuss.

I think this is a great suggestion and will show how various investing and financial ideas work in the real world.​

Fortune telling

Hehe. Ok you made me laugh out loud.

While we won't cover how to predict the future, I will point out certain TV personalities, advisors and pundits who try none the less.

Should be funny and a little sad. For them.​

Education is on the way...

Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and getting your feedback.

I'll try to help you improve your wealth building, investing and financial planning. Education is the best way to start.


Tommy Sikes​

PS - If there are topics I missed, leave them in the comments below...​