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Tommy Sikes
Owner / Adviser

I’m Tommy Sikes. I spent three years selling Wall Street products, until I discovered the simple formula that the truly wealthy use to grow massive wealth and live amazing lives. Now I run a private wealth firm that helps business owners, investors, and entrepreneurial retirees build the assets, income and lifestyle they always imagined. Join us...

Here's What You Get

Honest Answers and Good Questions

We don't get paid for selling products, so our answers are what we think is right for you. That may lead us to asking more questions or saying "I'm not sure, but let me find out..."

A View of the Big Picture

It's easy to get lost in the complexity and minutia of investing and building wealth. We'll help you keep track of the details while focusing on where you want to go next.

An Advocate and Adviser

We'll help you focus on your goals and support your efforts through the good and bad. We'll  track your progress and can provide accountability as your move forward.

A Simple Process to Make Life Easier

You don't need more complexity in your life. We'll help you create a simple financial picture so you can see and understand it better. That way you have easier choices to make. 

Day to Day Management

Using our proprietary investing strategies and risk management rules, we'll handle the day to day direction of your investments. You can see exactly what's being done at any time.

Constant Communication and Contact

We stay in touch with you in whatever way you choose. Whether through email, phone, text, online meetings or group videos, you deserve our attention. We love using technology. 

Private Real Estate Deals

You get access to income producing real estate deals that are not available to the general public. These are investments you can see and touch.

Direct Stock Investing

Most of our public portfolios invest directly in stocks. Don't waste money on mutual fund managers who track the index. We use strict risk management rules to protect your wealth. 

Sunday Morning Summary

You get an email from us every Sunday morning showing how your wealth has changed. See exactly how you're doing over your morning coffee or tea.

Private Equity Investing

Use your money to fund emerging technology startups and private companies making the world better. Access these opportunities directly or via private funds.

Tax Efficient Strategies and Accounts

We understand the importance of minimizing your tax liability. Whether it's tax qualified dividends, long-term capital gains or tax deferral, we have choices to suit you.

Ongoing Education

You'll be more informed about how to build, grow and protect your wealth through our monthly education webinars. We record and archive them for easy access on demand.